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Accounting and Finance

When the conversation turns to numbers, percentages and money; you listen. Accounting and Finance positions are steady, high demand careers with a positive job outlook. Turn your financial focus into a career that works to make businesses run more effectively and efficiently. Specialties exist in the areas of risk management, accounting, auditing, financial management and advising.

Call Centre and Customer Service

Does interacting with customers, resolving issues, processing orders or sharing information about products or services interests you? Then consider a career in the call centre and customer service area. The job outlook is positive. If you speak multiple languages, are great with people and know how to move around computer screens efficiently your job prospects will be good.

Creative and Marketing

For some being creative is more challenging than others. If you easily come up with new ideas, like to think outside the box, and enjoy designing or writing, a job in the creative and marketing field may be for you. Due to the diverse range of opportunities in this field the employment outlook is good. If your creative juices never seem to run dry consider a creative or marketing job as your options could be anything from an artist, graphic designer, photographer, media and communications expert, writer or marketing manager, and may options in between.

Entry-Level Engineering

You figure out how to make new things possible every day. You were born to build, design and solve problems. Engineers work in almost every industry and environment. Engineers have a strong job outlook in a variety of disciplines. Experts say demand for engineers will continue to grow as governments and industry work to meet the challenges of a growing global population and dwindling resources. Different disciplines of engineering include chemical engineering, civil engineering, electrical engineering and mechanical engineering.


You thrive on serving others with a smile. When considering a role in hospitality think hotels, restaurants, event centres, theme parks, tourism and so much more. This is an industry that consistently sees job growth that exceeds other industries. The industry thrives on providing personalized service based on speed and exceptional customer service. There are a diverse range of job opportunities available for individuals with varying skill sets and those seekings part-time or alternative work schedules.

Human Resources

Human resource positions focus on the recruitment and management of individuals that work within an organization. Roles vary from recruiting, compensation, benefits administration, employee relations and engagement, training and development, and employment law. The majority of roles require a bachelor’s degree or above. Job growth remains strong, especially within organizations that provide human resource services to other businesses.

Industrial and Manufacturing

Top manufacturing companies are experiencing an ongoing evolution of jobs. Due to automation and robotics the skills required for production jobs are becoming more technical. Good math skills, computer proficiency and a strong work ethic position individuals for job success in this industry.

Entry-Level IT

If you like to code, solve network issues, manage complex databases or mastermind new computer programs, the IT world is waiting for you. Information Technology professionals are in demand. The unemployment rate is low and the pay is strong and projected to increase as the availability of IT talent decreases. Specialties such as cloud computing, big data, cybersecurity and mobile continue to lead the pace for new innovation and jobs.

Office and Administration

You are a master at juggling multiple tasks at once, keeping things organized and a go-to person for answers on almost everything. Every working day is different and becoming more and more influenced by technology. The skills in most demand by employers is self-motivation/independence, the ability to multi-tasks, written communication skills, Microsoft Office skills, and technical/computer skills.Job prospects are good for individuals with these skills and self-motivated learners wanting to continually improve their performance on the job.


There are never enough people to fill the sales positions available. Almost every industry holds a diverse range of positions in sales. The demand for quality sales representatives continually presents itself in our annual Talent Shortage survey. Sales workers inform and persuade individuals and companies to buy products or services. If you are a good listener, strong communicator, and possess an engaging personality with the ability to read others’ reactions and respond accordingly consider a job in sales. The outlook is bright with many opportunities available.

Skilled Trades

Do you enjoy working with your hands? Are you all about fixing things? Skilled trades positions require a unique set of skills based on specialized training. Some of the jobs that fall in this category are construction, welding, plumbing, electrician, machinists and carpenters to name a few. The demand for workers in this category remains strong. Individuals with these specialized skill sets and up-to-date training should have better than average job prospects.

Transportation and Warehousing

Jobs that involve storing and inventory management of goods or transporting passengers or materials are categorized in the transportation and warehousing sector. Roles within this industry can focus on operating vehicles, moving or tracking materials, helping customers, supporting operations, maintaining and repairing vehicles and equipment or business and financial management. The job outlook remains steady, and the majority of jobs bring variety and fast moving environments.

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