Accelerate Your Career

Earn a certification in an area with growing job opportunities.

Upgrade your skills and increase your potential for higher paying employment opportunities, at no cost, through the Manpower Acceleration Program.

Over six weeks, you’ll take courses online, complete assignments, and learn new concepts to help build your career. You can expect to commit four to six hours of time each week to successfully complete the program.

Manpower associates that graduate from the program receive a certificate for their achievement and guided support in identifying and pursuing new job opportunities.

Programs offered and start dates are listed below. Enrollment opens three weeks prior to course start dates.

Check back often if current programs do not fit your interests. We are continually developing new programs to help associates upskill and explore new career opportunities.

Here’s what associates are saying about the Manpower Acceleration Program:

"The facilitators actually cared, and you could tell. They were always there when we needed." Angela M shared in regards to what she liked about the program.

"I currently have a Bachelor's Degree in Health administration, I didn't complete an internship and am looking to strengthen my resume to gain work experience in the field. I'd like to make myself marketable for Graduate school." Elea’ele B shared in regards to why she enrolled in the program.

"The course was very easy to follow and I appreciated that as it has been many years since I took any kind of courses and was very nervous. A few areas felt over my head at the beginning of the Unit but by the end each week I truly felt like I understood the concepts." Kathleen S shared in regards to what she liked about the program.

"Learning about listening skills. I think this is very overlooked skill. After this module I was able to see some of my weaknesses regarding my listening skills in my personal and business life. I believe I now have better techniques in dealing with people/ customers." Shermelle C shared in regards to how the program helped her.

"My company always have opportunities so I do not want to be told that I do not have the necessary training when another team lead opportunity is opens. I want to be ready." Luckenson L shared in regards to why he enrolled in the program.

"Education is valuable, and if a cost-free opportunity presents itself, why not take it? I've also always seen myself as a leader without a voice, but I think I've learned how to effectively use it thanks to this course and a newfound confidence which it has inspired." Nicholas F shared in regards to why he enrolled and what he gained from the program.

"Gaining confidence and belief in myself, as well as learning my strengths and weaknesses." - Angela M shared in regards to how the program helped her.

Manpower Acceleration Program