Forklift Certification Program

Become a Certified Forklift Operator and Build a Successful Career

Did you know that forklift operators are in high demand and play an important role in the logistics and distribution industry?    When you're certified as a forklift operator,  you'll be amazed how many doors open for you.

Manpower is pleased to offer our Forklift Certification Program to help you learn new skills, expand your job opportunities, and enhance your long-term employability.

We’ve partnered with Johnston Equipment, one of Canada’s largest and most trusted materials handling companies, to provide selected Manpower associates with free forklift training and certification. 

What do you need to succeed?

An excellent attitude, strong work ethic, dedication, follow-through and the hunger for a rewarding career!

What Can I Expect From the Program?

The Forklift Training Program consists of 3 steps:

  1. Online Theory Training
  2. Hands On Operator Training
  3. Testing with an experienced instructor

Career Paths

This program is a fantastic opportunity for you to upskill and reskill yourself and open the door to a wide array of meaningful jobs in a number of industries. A variety of work environments and options means you can choose the job that’s best for you.

Employers are constantly looking for certified forklift operators to work in retail stores, warehouses and factories, building supply companies, airports, construction sites and depots, and more. 

With enthusiasm, experience, and a good safety record, you could be promoted to supervisor or team lead.

Ready to accelerate your career? Talk to your Manpower recruiter today.




Forklift Certification Program