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  • Valid City, State or Zip Code: Portland
    Job Type : Temporary
    Date: Wednesday, 20 May 2020
    1. Arrive on time, stay for the duration of your shift.
    2. Check in with your Coordinator (listed above). This person is your supervisor for the duration of your deployment. Follow their directions.
    3. Sign in and out (check in with your Coordinator prior to leaving the emergency shelter, even for brief periods of time)
    4. Obtain your personal protective equipment (keep at least two pairs of nitrile gloves with you at all times).
    5. Attend the orientation/briefing led by your Coordinator. This briefing is important and will include introductions, additions to special instructions, schedule (for example transport time, meal times - if applicable, etc.). This is also your opportunity to ask any questions you may have.
    6. Familiarize yourself with the facility. This will help you provide directions to guests and assist with any cleanup or other tasks that may come up during your shift.
    7. Maintain situational awareness. Notify the Coordinator of any concerns as soon as they are discovered.
    8. Use supportive language and posturing.
    9. Assist with moving chairs and tables, sweeping, mopping, general cleaning. If you see a spill - clean it up. Help out.
    10. Ensure guests have a place to lay down, a space for themselves.
    11. Communicate with your Coordinator if something/anything doesn't look or feel 'right'.
    12. Notify the Coordinator when supplies are running low.
    13. Help guests with meals, snacks, drinks as you are able.
    14. Ensure equitable distribution of supplies for guests.
    15. Help guests with their requests, be available.
    16. Monitor guests' activities to ensure that the space and fellow guests are treated well.
    17. Assist in de-escalating any problems that may arise, notify the Coordinator of any concerns as soon as they are discovered.
    18. Work in a team environment with a can-do attitude with a variety of outreach workers, first responders, volunteers, and others who may come to the emergency shelter to provide assistance.
    19. Practice good social distancing and best practices like frequent hand washing, disinfecting, not touching one's face, and ensuring guests with worsening coughs are transported to hotel shelter space for testing (see SAFETY MESSAGE 3).

    1. Reception
    a) Check if incoming guests are on the referral list. If they are not, inform them that all beds are reserved and that we cannot welcome them into the shelter at this time.
    b) If guests have a referral, assign them a cot in the appropriate dorm and record their cot space.
    c) Familiarize yourself with the facility in order to provide directions for guests.
    d) Find help for guests that need assistance
    Food and Beverage
    a) Make and maintain regular supply of decaf, regular coffee, and hot water.
    b) Hand out cocoa, creamer, sugar, stirrers, and cups.
    c) Put out snacks and distribute meals at appropriate times.
    d) Ensure that guests are maintaining social distancing while eating.
    e) Feed all guests first, then staff.

    Sleeping Area
    a. Receive guests from reception and help them find a sleeping area
    b. Give guests two blankets
    c. Welcome guests and chat with them while maintaining good social distancing practices
    d. Remind guests about the rules for the area you are monitoring (some spaces are for women, or quiet, etc.)
    e. Remain vigilant and whenever possible address situations before they escalate. Consider re-assigning beds if necessary.
  • Valid City, State or Zip Code: Melbourne , West Melbourne , Satellite Beach , Palm Bay , Indian Harbour Beach
    Job Type : Permanent
    Date: Tuesday, 19 May 2020
    Do you like sports? Do you like to be in an environment of the outdoors and dealing with the public? We are looking for individuals who are looking for Part-time Only work. We offer a variety of positions and have something for everyone!
  • Valid City, State or Zip Code: Eastern Tulsa
    Job Type : Permanent
    Date: Thursday, 14 May 2020
    Business Services Director

    Please submit resume and cover letter to Rachel D Hutchings, Executive Director.

    SUMMARY The Business Services Director develops appropriate strategies for assisting employers and coordinates business service activities across the Tulsa region's partners and local economic development agencies. The Director will manage a team made up of system partners and staff to develop workforce strategies that are responsive to employer needs in our four-county service area. This position develops policies and acts with staff, workforce center operators, program operators and partner agencies to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the workforce development system for the Tulsa Area Workforce Development Board.


    * Possesses knowledge of resources available to regional businesses including those provided by TAWDB's Business Services Team, TAWDB's service provider, regional partners, and other community organizations.
    * Creates and ensures continuing support for a Business Services Network and ensure area measures are met.
    * Supervise the Business Service Team who work in collaboration with the Business Services Network.
    * Ensures local market information and workforce related data are disseminated and used.
    * Directly provide core services such as written job descriptions, labor market reports, and incumbent worker training contracts to business partners.
    * Ensures that TAWDB's efforts to align workforce education and training, successful employment and economic development are promoted vigorously and equally throughout TAWDB's service area.
    * In collaboration with the Workforce Business Data Analyst, maintains a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system to track customer data, report delivered services, and identify current and future workforce needs.
    * Assists with regional media campaigns to market workforce development services including preparing social media and blog posts, contributing information for newsletters and reports, and identifying new marketing opportunities.
    * Serve as the Rapid Response coordinator for the TAWDB region by providing assistance to area employers in managing reductions in force in coordination with rapid response activities and with strategies for the aversion of layoffs, which may include strategies such as early identification of firms at risk of layoffs, use of feasibility studies to assess the needs of and options for at-risk firms, and the delivery of employment and training activities to address risk factors.

    * Ability to understand and comply with WIOA and TAWDB policies and procedures.
    * Polished presentation, interpersonal skills, and communication and public speaking skills.
    * Highly innovative while maintaining attention to continuity, project sustainability, detail, and quality.
    * Demonstrated strategic, analytical, problem solving and planning skills.
    * Ability to read, analyze and interpret general business periodicals, professional journals, technical procedures and governmental regulations.
    * Possess strong team orientation with the ability to collaborate, influence, and negotiate.

    Education: Bachelor's degree
    Experience related to customer service, economic development, marketing, public relations, and human resources; must have demonstrated experience in public appearance, customer-facing roles.
  • Valid City, State or Zip Code: Fayetteville
    Job Type : Contract
    Date: Wednesday, 13 May 2020
    Employees in this classification perform a variety of custodial work in the care and maintenance of county buildings and facilities. Employees receive general supervision in the assigned daily activities. Special cleaning directions are received as needed. Employees sweep, mop, vacuum floors, wash walls, woodworks and fixtures; replenish bathrooms as needed; police buildings to empty trash receptacles; pick up the debris inside and outside the buildings; move and rearrange furniture
  • Valid City, State or Zip Code: Niagara
    Job Type : Contract
    Date: Wednesday, 13 May 2020
    Delivery meals to the elderly in company vehicle daily for approximately 2 hours from 10:00 a.m. 12:00 p.m.

    Delivery is in Niagara and Pembine, Wisconsin.
  • Valid City, State or Zip Code: Eastern Tulsa
    Job Type : Permanent
    Date: Tuesday, 12 May 2020
    Quality Performance and Training Specialist

    Please send cover letter and resume to Rachel Hutchings, Executive Director, at

    The QPT Specialist conducts analysis of workforce activities for the Tulsa Area Workforce Development Board (TAWDB) to evaluate compliance with policies and procedures and adherence to contract requirements. This position is also responsible for staff training and development. Responsibilities include extracting data from case management systems, matching administrative records across large datasets, conducting program evaluation, creating reports based on strategic goals and programmatic needs, reviewing policies and procedures, providing technical assistance, assisting with data validation, and communicating data implications to stakeholders.


    * Manage and conduct analysis of workforce activities; uses statistical sampling, auditing and observation of work in progress to evaluate compliance with policies and procedures and adherence to contract requirements.
    * Prepare reports for dissemination, identify areas for improvement, and effectively communicate findings and recommendations to management and appropriate staff.
    * Formulate teaching outlines and determine instructional methods, utilizing knowledge of specified training needs and effectiveness of such methods as individual training, group instruction, lectures, demonstrations, conferences, meetings, and workshops.
    * Prepare lesson plans, materials and supplies to meet and deliver to a diverse learning population.
    * Select or develop teaching aids, such as training handbooks, demonstration models, multimedia visual aids, computer tutorials, and reference works.
    * Maintain accurate records, including development of an organizational training plan, training schedules, attendance and documentation of staff's successful completion of the course work.
    * Conduct periodic internal reviews of WIOA participant files to ensure proper processes and procedures are followed.
    * Conduct weekly data entry audits to ensure effectiveness, efficiency and consistency throughout the WIOA program work sites.
    * Communicate audit results to each WIOA Career Navigator and the Workforce Strategy Analyst and EO Officer.
    * Maintain records and documentation of audit reviews.
    * Review SOPs and regular business practices; make recommendations for improvement when necessary.


    * Ability to meet deadlines while working in a fast-paced environment
    * Ability to prioritize and respond to requests for assistance as required
    * Ability to establish positive working relationships with partners and contractors
    * Ability to gather information, analyze, articulate and present solutions for complex problems
    * Knowledge of laws, legal codes, and government regulations
    * Must possess strong data entry and statistical compilation and analysis skills
    * Proficiency with Microsoft Office products and various software programs
    * Ability to work in a team environment
    * Excellent interpersonal skills and customer-service orientation

    Education: Bachelor's Degree
    Experience: Three years relevant work experience, working knowledge of WIOA, TAA, TANF, SNAP, ES/UI and all applicable local Workforce Service programs. Familiarity with applicable federal, state and local laws and regulations required.
  • Valid City, State or Zip Code: Melbourne
    Job Type : Permanent
    Date: Monday, 04 May 2020
    Able to perform manual labor Good work ethic able to operate mowers, weed eaters. Some positions require background check and drug screening