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Manpower Engineering , Phone :


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(CFT) Critical Facilities Technician (Electrical) - Grant County, WA - Hourly rate is negotiable - Direct-hire

Please Note: I am seeking someone with the kind of experience that is more geared towards electrical rather than mechanical

Work schedule: rotation of 3-on/3-off and then 4-on/4-off

This is the exact experience I am looking for:

* Write Standard Operating procedures for operation of equipment - startup & shutdown

* Execute and follow procedures step by step

* Read schematics and diagrams (i.e.., electrical and mechanical)

* Be able to identify symbols on a schematic (breaker, transformer, generator)

* Use schematics to identify energy isolation points to electric or mechanical equipment

* Understand and be able to use lockout/tagout

* Experience or operated - Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS), Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS), Static Transfer Switch (STS)

* Has worked with 480V AC

* Has worked with DC and batteries

* Escort vendors and contractors and supervise their work

* Use of a multimeter to take the voltage current and resistance reading

* Knowledgeable of AC and DC voltages

* Understand 3 phase and single phase

* Experience with utility voltages as high as 13.2KVAC

* Knowledgeable of transformer theory

* Use of Electrical Personal Protective Equipment such as electrical safety gloves

* Diesel generator experience - operated diesel generators and perform pre-start checks

* Strong understanding of what arc-flash