Dispute Processing Specialist


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Manpower CORE 100 Manpower Place , WI 53212 Phone : 414-982-1960



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Dispute Processing Specialist

Days: Monday through Friday

Hours: 8am to 5pm (with some flexibility)

Background Check: Standard

You will assist cardholders with Dispute/Fraud Resolution on behalf of issuers while complying with Reg E and /or Reg Z guidelines. You'll be responsible for the time sensitive processing of work cases based on both banking and credit card associations' regulatory guidelines and client requirements. This will involve evaluating, researching, decision making, monitoring, and communicating with key contacts up to and including investigations. Are you known for your time planning, organizational skills and time utilization? We want to hear from you.

In this role, you can expect:

* A moderate to high level of complexity. Errors in this position may result in direct monetary impact and financial loss to Fiserv and clients.

* Ongoing learning due to changes with the Association's (Visa, MasterCard and American Express) regulatory requirements and client guidelines.

* To works cases that are at the Transaction and/or Account Level.

* The life cycle of a case to be typically 90-120 days in length.

* Research and evaluate the work case and process the dispute, fraud, chargebacks and/or complaints.

* Monitor systems to detect possible fraudulent behavior related to credit card usage and contact card holders to investigate possible fraud.

This is an ongoing learning position due to changes with the Association's (Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express) regulatory guidelines and client requirements. This position requires considerable evaluation, good judgment, time management and decision-making skills. This position involves time sensitive processing of work cases and typically works cases that are at the Transaction and/or Account Level throughout the dispute life cycle.

Job Requirements:

* High school diploma required.

* College degree or equivalent experience preferred.

* Minimum two years industry & association experience related to fraud, chargebacks and/or disputes preferred.

* Knowledge of banking & association rules and regulations preferred.

* Ability to read, write, type, complete basic arithmetic, and multi task required.

* Experience working in multiple application and dual monitors a must.

* Customer service, analytical and research skills required.

* Strong verbal and written communication skills are necessary.