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Up to USD80000.00 per year

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Manpower Engineering , Phone :


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The Project Engineering Manager position is responsible for coordinating, maintaining and supporting the engineering team by determining work inefficiencies and devising new hardware/software solutions to resolve them. This position will continue to develop an Engineering Document System that interfaces with SAP and to multiple departments within the company. This position will oversee User Acceptance Testing and make the required improvements to the EDS. Additionally, this position will provide technical training as deemed necessary for any EDS system changes or new hardware/software packages deployed. This position will also work with the engineering department to establish and improve protocols for IT related projects between the Engineering department, PMO (Project Management Office) department, CMO (Contract Management Office) department, IT department and external IT vendors. This position will require devising new methods for providing tractor customers with Engineering based data via internet and app systems that are yet to be devised.

PRINCIPAL ACTIVITIES: This position does the following in accordance with all applicable Federal, State and local laws / regulations and the Companys policies, procedures and guidelines:

1. Oversee EDS Enhancements and Maintenance.

2. Oversee business needs, system administration and process improvement for the Engineering Departments IT related needs.

3. Establish Protocol for PMO, CMO and possible external vendor communication

4. Lead cross-functional meetings to acquire and maintain all cross-departmental business requirements for any new system process.

5. Ensure that all Requirements are fulfilled with the prevention of scope creep throughout the build process of the new systems.

6. Work with engineers to improve the EDS details importing process to SAP to create accurate Bills of Material, costing, price books, dealer ordering format and parts output requirements.

7. Implement checks and balances with protocols and procedures for the Engineering Documentation flow.

8. Must learn Engineering workflows so inefficiencies can be readily identified and resolved.

9. Add machine inventory interface to EDS.

10. Oversee User Acceptance Testing on any new systems or enhancements to systems and make application changes where needed.

11. Build business solutions and data models that enhance the engineering departments performance and/or generate revenue to the dealers by reducing man hours and improving IT functionality.

12. Use techniques such as sampling, model building and structured analysis, along with accounting principles, to ensure that proposed business solutions are efficient, cost-effective and financially feasible.

13. Develop continuously improving machine and asset tracking for inventory control and costs with the culmination of an app using onboard telematics

14. Bring forward additional suggestion for continuously improving the engineering data flow process

15. Create other various reports for engineering as directed

16. Provide Technical Training for the engineers on data analysis and data entry to ensure the effective use of resources

17. Assist the Engineering Manager/Director to develop and analyze current performance in relation to ERs data search functio