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Philadelphia, PA - (USA) 1801 Market Street Suite 1150 PA Philadelphia , PA 19103 Phone : 215-240-8999



Job Description

Pay Rate Range: $18-$26.00/hr.

Work Location: 4700 Island Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19153

Work Schedule: Variable schedules 24/7, 1 early and 1 day shift


* Execution and oversight

* Point of contact on lot for anything when the Field Operations Manager (FOM) or Assistant FOM (If applicable) is not present

* Plan and organize daily operations and communicate with staff

* Match vehicles for all borrower pickups

* Primary owner of critical Standard Operating Procedures such as:

* Borrower late return

* Claims/damage reporting

* Immediate support for Operations Associates when escalations arise on the lot

* Ownership of maintenance request forms and activities

* Maintain lot and work area cleanliness at all times

* Perform weather related functions (hail blankets/snow, etc.) as necessary

* Complete Device Magic checklist for outgoing vehicles to ensure:

* Telematics device either installed and paired properly (borrower pickup) OR removed (owner pickup)

* Drift docs removed, registration placed back in glovebox, owner items placed back in vehicle (owner pickup) OR Drift Docs placed in glovebox and registration placed in a tamper proof envelope (borrower pickup)

* Correct fuel and mileage is recorded. If the vehicle needs fuel before owner pickup, correct that situation for the owner

* Ensure all cars leaving have all necessary items for exiting the lot

* Consistently help monitor operational interactions and language to ensure Operations Associates are following the approved steps

* Perform audits of vehicle parking spot locations matching to Dash

* Redistribute Operations Associates during a shift as needs on the lot

* Manage staff break/lunch periods and PTO coverage as business demands

* Monitor all QA standards to ensure compliance for borrower pickup/owner drop off transactions

* Ensure all electronic devices are functioning properly

* Process and complete borrower returns after intake is completed for quick availability of demand inventory

* Communication

* Review Ops Lead transition checklist at beginning and end of shift with incoming/outgoing Operations Lead:

* Review and notate incoming and outgoing vehicles for next shift and next day

* Clear no-show reservations (borrowers and owners) in Dash

* Review and notate incoming and outgoing customers for the next shift

* Review ops staff schedule for next day

* Communicate new and discuss open issues (late returns, claims, customer problems, etc.)

* Hand off keys, phone, and radio

* Primary phone contact for Customer Support

* Primary reader/responder of lot email notifications

* Creating/updating all Zendesk tickets including missing fuel and excessive mileage on all borrower returns

* Review all borrower returns per shift for potential new damage and send in the necessary Zendesk ticket to record the incident

* Communicate any staffing or customer issues to Field Operations Manager

* Communicate any supply items running low to Field Operations Manager


* Required customer service skills

* Leadership and ability to solve problems proactively

* Strong verbal and written communication skills

* Valid driver's license

* Flexibility and adaptability in a fast paced, constantly changing environment

* Strength with basic technology (tablet and mobile devices)

* Strong work ethic is a must

* Automotive experience is a plus