Manufacturing Automation Engineer



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Up to USD0.00 per year

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Minnesota Engineering - (USA) 3600 Minnesota Drive Suite 850 MN Edina , MN 55435 Phone : 612-630-1200



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THE TIME IS NOW. OWN TOMORROW AND TAKE YOUR OPPORTUNITY TODAY! Your Engineering skills are needed just about anywhere. But is it where you want to go? Imagine working for one of the nation's most respected companies - Making a strategic contribution - Receiving the rewards and recognition you deserve. Whether you are pursuing a contract or permanent placement, Manpower Engineering knows how and where to get you where you want to go.

In this Manufacturing Automation Engineer position, you will:

* Design layout of equipment or workspaces to achieve maximum efficiency

* Design, install, or troubleshoot manufacturing equipment

* Design testing methods and test finished products or process capabilities to establish standards or validate process requirements.

* Apply continuous improvement methods such as lean manufacturing to enhance manufacturing quality, reliability, or cost-effectiveness.

* Identify opportunities or implement changes to improve products or reduce costs using knowledge of fabrication processes, tooling and production equipment, assembly methods, quality control standards, or product design, materials and parts.

* Communicate manufacturing capabilities, production schedules, or other information to facilitate production processes.

* Evaluate manufactured products according to specifications and quality standards.

* Incorporate new methods and processes to improve existing operations.

* Investigate or resolve operational problems, such as material use variances or bottlenecks.

* Estimate costs, production times, or staffing requirements for new designs.

* Prepare documentation for new manufacturing processes or engineering procedures.

* Purchase equipment, materials, or parts

* Review product designs for manufacturability or completeness

* Prepare reports summarizing information or trends related to manufacturing performance.

Are you interested? The ideal Manufacturing Automation Engineer candidate will possess the following experience:


* Solid understanding of computer programming and software development

* Ability to troubleshoot equipment problems and perform complex system tests

* Creative thinking skills

* Detail-oriented personality

* Excellent manual dexterity

* Ability to communicate well to other members of the team

* Organizational skills

* Basic knowledge of hand tools and power tools

* Ability to follow work instructions accurately

* Ability to do accurate work at a rapid pace

* Ability to work well independently as well as with other

* Have attention to detail

* Ability to multi-task

* Ability to proficiently read and write in English

* Ability to follow all safety rules

* Ability to work independently without guidance

* Intermediate knowledge of machine operations

* Ability to read and understand a blueprint, tolerances, and drafting symbols related to machining

* Ability to write programs

* Ability to do machining problem solving

* Ability to solve tooling issues

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