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Manufacturing and Production

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Washington DC Metro - (USA) 1000 Wilson Boulevard Suite M730 VA Arlington , VA 22209-3927 Phone : 703-243-7121



Job Description

Under general direction has responsibility for ensuring that production requirements are met, appropriate staffing levels are maintained, employee relations are good, and a safe/clean work environment is maintained. Plans, directs, coordinates and controls manufacturing activities in assigned work area to achieve established management goals.

Typical Duties:

1. Trains production personnel to perform work assignments safely and efficiently.

2. Maintains good employee relations through coaching and consistent application of employee relation policies.

3. Requisitions operating personnel to meet established goals.

4. May facilitate employee team operations.

5. May maintain accurate database information regarding employee training and certification.

6. May review and coach employees in accordance with the plant goals.

7. Administers production salary/wage policy for operating personnel properly.

8. Administers and enforces health, environmental and safety standards, work practices and housekeeping policies and procedures.

9. Arranges for proper maintenance of machines and equipment.

10. May reports daily indicators, including production scrap, batteries per person/hour, and batteries per measured hour.

11. Investigates material variances, reports results of investigation and recommends improvements.

12. Solicits and encourages process, procedure and equipment improvements from team members.

13. May audit Standard Work Practices for each area and regularly reviews them for effectiveness through team meetings and practice.

14. May coordinate work flow with Sales and Marketing and Transportation.

15. May ensure boosting requirements are met.

16. May oversee receiving and receiving inspections.

17. May assist in the safe operation of the Waste Water Treatment Plant.

18. May assign work to meet daily manufacturing requirements.

19. May control labor and material usage to meet or improve standard costs.

20. May familiarize personnel with Company rules and regulations.

21. May administer union agreements and disciplinary procedures.

22. May recommend improvements in machines and equipment.

23. May recommend improvement in job methods and procedures.

24. May prepare reports.