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Up to USD20.00/hr

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Irvine, CA - McGaw (USA) 2525 McGaw Avenue CA Irvine , CA 92614 Phone : 949-660-2172



Job Description

Under the direction of the Supervisor, monitor employees, material and equipment and perform or coordinate the production process and Quality Control activities in the injection molding operation.


*Set up and operate all machines and all related equipment as well as all auxiliary equipment and systems associated with Plastic Injection Molding.

*Operate, control and maintain resin and raw materials, including conveying systems, vacuum loaders , etc., to prevent material loss and contamination.

*Review production paperwork including shift logs, machine operator reports and work orders at the beginning of each shift to keep abreast of production and maintenance activity in assigned area.

*Maintain on a daily basis an up-to-date log, summarizing shift activities, including equipment performance, tooling conditions, location, quality problems, equipment downtime, or conditions contributing to lower efficiency.

*Work directly with plastic specialists or other technical personnel in modification of tooling and equipment to eliminate defects or deviations in the product. Observe and evaluate tooling performance regularly throughout the shift to detect any conditions contributing to tooling or equipment damage. Report to the Supervisor any situation whereby current quality standards are not being met and cannot be corrected through process adjustments or routine repair.

*Assist the Supervisor and Quality Control Department in monitoring and reviewing real-time control chart to develop quality reports and trend analysis.

*Assist the Supervisor in tracking production performance factor such as raw material usage, direct labor performance, indirect costs, rejects and waste and in identifying areas needing improvement.

*Under the direction of the Supervisor, train, instruct and guide employees in the proper operation of and performance of job duties, to assure that good manufacturing practices and standard production operating procedures are followed.

*Perform adjustments and minor repair of mechanical, electrical and electronic systems on plastic molding line and support equipment. Recommend changes to operating procedure to improve quality and efficiency.

*Maintain area in neat and orderly condition as specified by Shift Supervisor.

*Work in other areas as assigned.


A. Materials or Products

*Care and attention necessary to recognize deviations in the process and to take immediate action to avoid loss of product.

*Care and attention also required in setup of equipment.

B.Tools and Equipment

*Care and attention necessary to routinely observe equipment for proper operation and maintenance.

*Care necessary in adjusting machines to prevent equipment damage.

*Care necessary when operating power hand tools.

C. Safety of Others

*Care and attention required in ensuring that safety rules are adhered to and to recognize and report unsafe conditions.