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Silicon Valley, CA - (USA) 2880 Zanker Road Suite 101 CA San Jose , CA 95134 Phone : 408-577-1258



Job Description

Essential Functions:

1 Pack bags. Keep machine operating at best possible speed. Minimize waste.

2 Inspect bags as they are produced. Check print quality, seals, size, lips, wicket specifications and any other feature as required.

3 Do what you know how to do to keep your machine running.

4 Assist the section leader and assistant foreman in fixing your machine when they request your help.

5 Check the production order at the beginning of each shift to make sure the job is set up properly. If it is not, immediately informing your section leader. 6. Fill out bag quality report. Make sure any problems are noted.

1 Report any maintenance or safety problems to your section leader. If problem is not fixed in a timely manner, notify management of the problem.

2 Keep an adequate supply of wickets, boxes, and other material on hand. Make sure you leave enough for the next shift.

1 Clean the area around your machine and wipe up any spilled liquids.

2 Keep a correct tally of the bags and waste you produce. Record those on the production envelope at the end of each shift or at the end of each job.

3 Follow the instructions of your section leader.

4 Make sure samples are included in the production envelope.

5 Clean machine hot knifes with brass brush as needed.

6 Work safely.

7 Additional Responsibilities:

1 Work overtime required to meet department needs.

2 Rework production when necessary.