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Cleveland, OH - (USA) 7305 Broadview Road OH Seven Hills , OH 44131 Phone : 216-447-9999



Job Description

* Pull pallets of raw, boxes materials utilizing pallet jack (8 lbs pull force)

* Place boxes of raw product on floor at machine, including: Blister boxes-20-28 lbs. (clear, plastic cotton swab packaging), Back Card boxes- 25 lbs. (cardboard backing on package) and Insert boxes-17 lbs. (paper insert inside cotton swab blisters)

* Frequent bending, twist/turn

* Place stick boxes Lift finished product at waist to chest level at end of line (6-10 lbs.)

* Change stick boxes as needed (Occas. task-20 lbs. pull force overhead, extended reaching req.)

* Fill glue bottles (<10 lbs, shoulder level), take on wheeled cart to filling area and replace at shoulder level- this task performed 2-3x/day on 12 machines)

* Bring coils (barrels of cotton on wheels, 10 lbs. push/pull force req.) to each machine

* Garbage cans at floor level - 2 per machine

* Remove bag from can (approx. 30 lbs. lift)and place on cart

* Weigh bags on scale and place in compactor (shoulder level)

* Utilize dust mop, broom, dustpan to sweep debris into trash bin

* Remove finished packages from end of machines (<1 lb. each)

* Assemble boxes (utilize tape machine or tape gun) - simple grasping req.

* Place finished product in boxes on conveyor (waist level) (<1 lb. each)

* Push through automatic tape machine (minimal force)

* Inspect for accuracy/quality

* Lift boxes onto pallet (10-40 lbs-floor level to overhead)