Quality Control Technician - Fibers


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Purpose The Quality Control Technician provides quality control services to produce high quality products in a cost effective manner while maintaining excellent safety, human relations, and environmental standards. Tests all raw materials, intermediate and finished products for adherence to quality specifications. Provides final authorization to pass raw materials for use and assigns preliminary quality status for finished products.

The Quality Control Technician I will operate within to provide quality testing expertise for raw and finished product materials. The person in this role will interact with all local staff. They will be knowledgeable of the Quality requirements for DSM Dyneema LLC. They will ensure that laboratory procedures and equipment are kept in superior working order. Handling and disposing of Hazard waste and chemicals are part of normal activities.

Key Areas of Accountability / Responsibility

Ensures all work is conducted in a safe and effective manner and all applicable procedures and policies are followed. Takes action to correct unsafe acts, systems and procedures. It is the responsibility of each employee to work in a safe and responsible manner in order to create an injury-free and incident-free workplace. Complies with all job-related safety and other training requirements.

Abides by all company procedures/policies regarding security, inclusive of: employee security agreements; use of non-disclosure agreements with outside parties; control of DSM Dyneema LLC intellectual property limited to a need to know only basis; no unauthorized use of cell phones, cameras, computers or

Sets-up and utilizes testing equipment and associated data acquisition systems. Assist in analyzing test data to determine acceptability, identify deviations, and make appropriate notification.Procures, receives, stores, and handles samples of raw materials and finished products as required.

Prepares quality related documents and reports as required. Processes data regarding components, intermediate, and finished products. Maintains quality data in tracing and tracking systems.

Verifies and documents batch records and logbooks associated with testing.

Maintains sufficient quantities of supplies required to perform testing. Ensures test equipment is maintained in good working order. Coordinates with appropriate regulatory authorities and/or vendors to ensure permits/licenses are updated for testing equipment and supplies.

Conducts formalized training for quality personnel as necessary.

Monitors and analyzes daily testing production. Analyzes data generated by the ballistics and fiber Q-laboratories and identify trends. Recognizes potential production problems, investigate and recommend solutions to correct them. Reports variances as required.

Set up testing, procedures, implementation new test/equipment,

Participates in quality investigations as needed. Works with a team, ensures all appropriate actions assigned are accomplished in a timely manner.