2nd Shift Plant Foreman


Manufacturing and Production

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Rock Falls

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USD33280.00-45760.00 per year

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Sterling, IL - (USA) 2401 E Lincolnway Unit 2 IL Sterling , IL - 61081 Phone : 815-622-2814



Job Description

2nd Shift Plant Foreman (3:30pm - 2:30am)

Receive production plans from 1st Shift Supervisors and execute swiftly. Ensure product is being built and completed properly through your 2nd Shift Supervisors. Be an expert in all areas. Spend 90% of your day on the floor assisting either in production, verifying quality, any training needs employees need. Execute performance reviews for all employees on 2nd shift. Proper paperwork for call offs, vacation requests, any other requests are turned in and complete at time of request/occurrence and turned into HR. Continually improve safety record by addressing both physical safety issues and employee safety attitudes. Maintain and improve housekeeping in all areas. Key equipment shall have trained personnel for vacations, call offs, or any other reason. At no time shall we be dependent on one or two employees. Initiate plans and processes which minimize manufacturing costs through effective utilization of manpower, equipment, facilities, materials, and capital. Assure schedules and product quality standards will exceed our customers' expectations and any expedites. Where necessary meet or exceed regulatory requirements. Continuously implement and improve upon manufacturing strategies through the use of lean initiatives and Kaizen to maximize the utilization of equipment, facilities, and people. Establish group and individual accountabilities throughout assigned departments for problem solving and cost reduction, both on a permanent and ad-hoc basis, depending on the need. Encourage the use of new technologies/techniques and keep a focus on fact based problem solving not emotion or chatter. Maintain professionalism during quick conversations on the floor, in the office, in email, texting, and any other form of communication. Improve manpower utilization within existing departments and processes. Maintain schedule stability that allows for maximum return on efficiencies. I.E. Flex products and people when lines are "heavy and light". Manage spending in relation to changes in production volume. Spending will be approved of any kind. Assure that employee complaints / needs are addressed in a rapid fashion. Work to establish management practices throughout assigned areas which include all employees' positive involvement with opportunity for construction input and action. Prepare, report and discuss historical and trend information at periodic management meetings. Participate in accurate and timely forecasting. Be professional and an example in all that you do during any work event, work hours or communication. Make yourself available at all times via cell, etc.