Warehouse Cleaning Project


Manufacturing and Production

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Up to USD15.00/hr

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Phoenix, AZ - Metro - (USA) 1349 West Chandler Boulevard Suite 200 AZ Chandler , AZ - 85224 Phone : 480-824-7976



Job Description

Manpower is Hiring in GOODYEAR!!

Position: Warehouse Cleaning Project

Pay: $15.00 hourly

Schedule: 7:00am-3:30pm.Monday-Friday must be open to overtime

Contract Length: Open ended long term contract

Immediate Start!! Must have updated Resume

Duties and Responsibilities (10% time spent on these duties):

1. Clean the break room

a. Clean tables with disinfectant spray

b. Clean chairs with disinfectant spray

c. Clean floors

d. Clean glass on vending machines

e. Wash windows

f. Clean tops of vending machines

g. Clean outside of refrigerator

h. Empty Trash

i. Empty recycling cans

j. Stock utensils napkins and cups

2. Clean the locker room

a. Tops of lockers

b. Floors

c. Empty trash

d. Clear benches

3. Sort clean yellow and white sleeves and deliver to proper departments

4. Assist with general order in the impact room

5. Sweep Impact room

6. Assist with putting away supplies in Impact room

7. Baling cardboard and operating the baler

8. Sweeping all floors and aisles in the Press area

9. Dust abatement activities

10. Painting and paint touch ups after cleaning

11. Floor grinding

12. Assist with 5S and yellow belt projects

13. Cleaning equipment during "down" days

14. Sorting broken pallets

15. Empty the butt bucket in the smoking area

16. General parking lot clean up

17. Sweeping and cleaning the courtyard area

18. Perform safety walks every 3 hours, notifying leads of findings.

19. Clean blue curtain every shift.

20. Clean tank room

21. Clean windows in casting, supervisor office, break room

22. Clean Oil tank in furnace room and presses

23. Look for cups and trash on electrical equipment

24. Wipe down palletizer

25. Sort recycle

26. Look for unlabeled barrels or 5 gallons bucket s

27. Dust all electrical panels

28. Steam clean production mop buckets

29. Clean behind all yellow brick curbing

30. Clean safety mirrors

31. Sweep behind cardboard bailer

32. Assist in keeping charging area organized

33. Clean and organize utility room

34. Notify leads of any stray tools

35. Clean behind curbing in ingot room

36. Return all used red maintenance rags back to the used bin

37. Sweep bathrooms in locker room

38. Wipe down fire extinguishers, notifying supervisor of any broken seals

39. Organize and clean tops of cabinets.

40. Check all areas for proper use of discipline squares

41. Monitor Shadow boards and report missing items to leads

42. Clean die carts

43. Checks signs for readability, report unreadable to supervisor

44. Use scrubber on floor at pre-determined times

45. Report damaged equipment to supervisors immediately

46. Clean drip pan

47. Monitor for broken/not working lighting

48. Dust or clean walls

49. Report hoses out of place

50. Ensure all brooms, mops, buckets are in correct location

51. Clean caster belt water cabinet

52. Clean pipes

53. Clean gear boxes in casting

54. Clean or replace document protectors

55. Clean drinking stations

56. Clean posters and hanging signs

57. Report anyone not cleaning up after themselves, locker room, break room, etc

REQUIRED: Background and Drug Screen