FM-Bagging Line Operator


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Up to USD10.00/hr

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Nacogdoches, TX - (USA) 531 E. Main TX Nacogdoches , TX - 75961 Phone : 936-559-1220



Job Description

Please call Manpower directly at (936) 559-1220

Primary function is to be knowledgeable of all feed products and packaging, and to correctly operate assigned packaging line while maintaining established run rates and quality standards.

Principal Functional Responsibilities

1. Ensure that correct bags, tags, and date codes are used.

2. Monitor bag weights on a frequency of one per ton.

3. Select samples of all products and report any deviations to the shift supervisor.

4. Maintain established bag-per-minute run rates as outlined in specific job duties.

5. Ensure that all packages are closed according to established quality standards as listed in specific job duties.

6. Perform assigned routine care of sacking scales daily.

7. Keep work area well swept and neat in appearance at all times.

8. Be safety conscious during all activities.

9. Commit to being at work on time and on assigned days.

10. Maintain an attitude of teamwork and cooperation.

11. Perform other duties as assigned within the limits of training and physical and mental abilities.

Specific Job Duties

1. Check-weigh one bag per ton of feed bagged. Tolerance guidelines on individual packages will be +0.25 lb. for all sizes of bagged products.

2. Record all data on daily bagging and downtime reports accurately.

3. Check sewn bags regularly to see that they are sewn in a straight and level line and to assure proper operation of the sewing machine.

4. Be knowledgeable of all feed products and packaging.

5. Examine the products at the beginning of each run and every 40 bags during the run for physical discrepancies.

6. Maintain a bagging rate of 400 bags per shift hour.

7. Check date coders periodically throughout the shift for proper code date and working condition.

8. Keep work area and assigned areas clean at all times.

9. Perform daily assigned routine care of sacking scales as outlined in "Care of Sacking Scales".

10. Open and close the appropriate bins supplying product to the packing line.

11. Follow all established plant safety rules.

12. Notify supervisor immediately of problems, i.e. short or long bag or run weights, contamination, color variations, etc.

Physical Requirements

1. Good manual and finger dexterity.

2. Ability to stand for long periods of time.

3. Good eye-hand coordination.

4. Occasional climbing, bending/stooping, crouching, and kneeling.

5. Ability to lift up to 50 pounds up to 100 times per day.

6. Continual repetitive motions

Cognitive Requirements

1. Must have adequate math skill to count bags accurately and ensure accuracy of weights.

2. Must have adequate mechanical skill to adjust packaging and molasses equipment.

3. Must have adequate reading skill to read information on bags and tags to ensure that products are put into correct bags and proper date code is applied.

4. Must have adequate writing skill to enter all data on daily bagging and downtime reports.